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TOSHI SAKURAI is a professional photographer of Commercial, 

Music & Fashion in Los Angeles.




Chick Corea ​Elektric Band 'THE FUTERE IS NOW' Cover photographer2023


Jazzwise Magazine UK May issue Stanley Clarke Cover photographer 2023


NEA Jazz Masters Tribute Stanley Clarke    photographer 2022

Goldmine magazine Feb issue Chick Corea  photographer 2022


Artforum Magazine 'Chaz Guest - Michael K paint'    photographer 2021

Artspeak Chaz Guest - Jan issue  photographer 2021

Financial Times Chick Corea Akoustic Band Live Sep issue photographer 2021

BassMagazine Chick Corea Akoustic Band Live Sep issue photographer 2021


The LaboratoryArts Collective Magazine  'Chaz Guest'  photographer 2021


Tribute to Chick Corea Chick Corea portrait photographer 2021

Jazziz August issue Chick Corea   photographer 2021


National Portrait Gallery ’ Chaz Guest & Zahara ’ artists pix photographer 2020

DownBeat Magazine December Issue Chick Corea artist pix  photographer 2020

EBS Stanley Clarke Signature Acoustic Preamp  artist pix photographer 2020

National Endowment for the arts, May issue Chick Corea  photographer 2020

Jazz FM91 May article Chick Corea pix photographer 2020


Amanda Miguel&Diego Verdaguer Microsoft Theater concert photographer 2020

DownBeat Magazine  Issue Chick Corea artist pix  photographer 2020

Chick Corea Akoustic Band ' LIVE ' CD Cover Photographer 2019

Tokyo Jazz ' Chick Corea Akoustic Band & Electric Band ' Photographer 2019

La Santa Cecilia ' winning ' MV  DP  2019

MarieWestwood Magazine ' En Vogue ' Cover and Editorials Photographer 2019

Chick Corea Elektric Band promo photo  Photographer 2018

Miles McNeel Design Book Cover and all Products Photographer 2018

Vilact Skin Care ' Carmen Electra ' promo Photographer 2018

MarieWestwood Magazine ' Vanessa Simmons ' Editorials Photographer 2018


MarieWestwood Magazine ' Tara Reid ' Cover and Editorials Photographer 2018

Livein Magazine ' Tara Reid ' Cover & Editorials Photographer 2018


Musica Jazz Magazine Italia ' Chick Corea Elektric Band '  Photographer 2018


Jazz&blues report magazine 60th Monterey Jazz Chick Corea photographer 2017


JazzTimes Magazine August Chick Corea  Photographer 2017


Stanley Clarke ' The Definitive Collection ' CD Cover Photographer 2017


Chick Corea ' The Musician ' CD Cover  Photographer 2017


Amanda Miguel & Diego Verdaguer Tour Poster & Promo Photographer 2017


Ana Victoria ' La Reina ' Album Cover Photographer 2017

Marlon Martinez Album ' Yours truly ' CD Cover Photographer 2017


Bunny Brunel ' Bass Ball ' CD Photographer 2017

Chick Corea Elektric Band  Photographer 2016


Chick Corea & Makoto -Duets- CD Cover Photographer 2016


DownBeat Magazine April  Stanley Clarke  Photographer 2016

Movie ' Hired Gun '  David Foster pix photographer 2016 


JazzJapan Magazine April  Chick Corea  Photographer 2016


CD Journal  March  Chick Corea  Photographer 2016


Chick Corea & Ozone Makoto 'Piano Duo Plays Acoustic' Tour

Poster Photographer of Chick Corea 2016


The Dave Weckl Acoustic Band Live DVD Photographer 2016


JazzLife Magazine January Lee Ritenour Photographer 2016


Lee Ritenour Album ' A Twist Of Rit '  CD Photographer 2015


Fourplay Album  ' Silver '  CD Photographer 2015


Tim Garland ' Return To The Fire ' CD Photographer 2015


Guitar Player Magazine Lee Ritenour  Photographer 2015


Jazztimes Magazine  Lee Ritenour photographer 2015


Jazztimes Magazine  Fourplay  photographer 2015


Jazzlife Magazine  Fourplay  photographer 2015


Jazzlife Magazine  Lee Ritenour  photographer 2015


Lee Ritenour Promo Photo Photographer 2015--


Fourplay Promo Photo Photographer 2015--


Jazztimes Magazine Cover Photo ' Stanley Clarke ' Photpgrapher 2015


Bass player Magazine Cover Photo ' Stanley Clarke ' Photographer 2015


Stanley Clarke ' Composer ' video  DP  & editor 2015


Travis Rogers Album ' Air Play '  CD Cover Photographer 2015


Chick Corea Album ' PORTRAITS ' CD Cover Photographer 2014


Stanley Clarke Album ' UP ' CD  Photographer 2014


Chick Corea Album ' Standards best ' CD Cover photographer 2014


Jazz Magazine Cover Photo ' Chick Corea ' Aug 2014  Photographer 2014


JazzTimes Magazine Cover Photo & other photos of ' Chick Corea '   Jan 2014  


Keyboard Magazine Cover Photo & other photos of  ' George Duke ' Sep 2013


Chick Corea & The vigil Promo  photographer 2013--


Chick Corea & Stanley Clarke Tour official photographer 2013


Chick Corea & The Vigil World tour poster photo and tour photographer 2013--


George Duke Memorial Book Cover & Other photos Photographer 2013


George Duke Album ' dream weaver '  CD Cover Photographer 2013


Stanley Clarke & George Duke Clark/Duke 4 world  tour photographer 2013


Chick Corea  Artist Promo Photographer 2013--


George Duke  Artist Promo Photographer 2012--


Stanley Clarke Artist Promo Photographer 2012--


Yamaha pianist lounge Chick Corea interview photo for Yamaha PR video 2013


George Duke & Stanley Clarke world tour promo photographer 2012, 2013


George Duke & Stanley Clarke world tour promo Video cinematography & editor 2012


Stanley Clarke & Stewart Copeland world tour promo Video cinematography & editor 2012


Stanley Clarke & Stewart Copeland world tour promo poster photographer 2012










AVEX Group


Ted Kurland Associates

Concord Music Group

Rox Boro Entertainment

Chick Corea Production

George Duke Enterprises Inc

Lenny White chinese music inc



G-Funk Entertainment

JazzTimes Magazine

Keyboard Magazine


Jazzwise Magazine

Bassplayer Magazine

Next Models Agency

Wilhelmina Models Agency

Ford Models 

Envy Models Agency

Photogenic Models Agency

Hollywood Model Management

Quest company























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